Mugla Urban Water Footprint


The “Water Footprint and Clean Water Action Plan” project carried out by Mugla Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the South Aegean Development Agency Direct Activity Support was completed in 2015. In the project supervised by GTE, the urban water footprint of Mugla Province and the institutional water footprint of Mugla Municipality were studied. With the project, which was realized for the first time based on local government and public institutions in Turkey, a water status report was prepared based on water supply and demand, primarily water resources and consumption in Mugla.

Within the scope of the project, important sources that cause water footprints were identified, and it was aimed to define blue, green, and grey water footprints within the province, and intensive data collection, data analysis and evaluation studies were carried out. In addition, measures that can be taken to reduce the water footprint have been determined.

Another project we have realized with Mugla Metropolitan Municipality: