Mugla Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP)


The “Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Action Plan”, which was consulted by GTE, was prepared for Mugla Metropolitan Municipality (MBB) in 2013. Within the scope of the project, it is aimed to identify the important sources that cause greenhouse gas emissions and to define the necessary measures.

Within the scope of the study, energy consumption trends at the provincial level were examined, greenhouse gas emissions were calculated and areas with greenhouse gas reduction opportunities were determined. In the studies, it has been determined that the most important sources causing greenhouse gas emissions are fuel consumption in existing thermal power plants, fuel consumption for transportation purposes and storage of wastes. In terms of greenhouse gas emissions within the scope of SEEP, it was observed that the waste storage, transportation, and electricity consumption sectors ranked first. The basic actions defined according to the original situation of Mugla within the scope of SEEP have been determined for the waste sector and the transportation sector in this direction, and it has been revealed that if the renewable energy potential of Mugla is evaluated, greenhouse gas emissions due to electricity consumption will also decrease significantly.

Another project we have realized with Mugla Metropolitan Municipality: