R&D and Inovation

  • We are witnessing that the field of sustainability is changing rapidly with the developing technologies, new trends and global trends.
  • As GTE, we position ourselves as a part of this change and blend our expertise in the field of sustainability with our innovation culture, which is open to new approaches and based on interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • With this perspective, we follow a roadmap that starts with innovative ideas and reaches new products/services that create value.
  • We carry out joint R&D studies/projects with leading universities and research institutions in the field by making use of many national and international R&D funds. We aim to conclude all the R&D projects we carry out with “need-oriented” and “market-oriented” solutions.

Interests and Activities

  • Investigation of the effects of climate change on the energy sector
  • Investigation of the possibilities of using metal processing industry wastes in bio-based energy and fertilizer production
  • Production of phosphorus-based fertilizer from wastewater as a product with high added value
  • Recovery of chemical wastewater and use in the production of different commercial products

Cooperation with Research Institutions

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