Wastewater Recycling Efficiency Project in Sanliurfa Organised Industrial Zone


Under the consultancy of Istanbul Medeniyet University (Prof. Dr Erkan Sahinkaya), with the support of Karacadağ Development Agency, the “Wastewater Recycling Efficiency Project” executed by GTE is carried out by the priorities of the World Bank-financed Turkey Organized Industrial Zones Project financial support program.

The project, which aims to ensure the effective and efficient management of water resources with the Şanlıurfa Organised Industrial Zone, is aimed to be one of the good examples of the green transformation of the industry in our country. Existing technologies for the recovery of wastewater produced in SUOSB were examined, preliminary designs were made, and the approximate investment and operating costs were calculated. Feasibility studies were carried out in which the project was evaluated in terms of economic, technical and environmental aspects.