Strategy for Transition to Cleaner Production in the Buyuk Menderes Basin


In Buyuk Menderes, which was determined as a pilot basin by the General Directorate of Water Management, the protection of water resources, sustainable use and monitoring of water quality were determined as a priority within the framework of the Integrated Basin Management approach. and socio-economic analyses with the title of “Buyuk Menderes Basin Atlas” was published in 2013.

The next target of WWF Turkey’s efforts in the basin with this perspective was the implementation of the “Water Conservation” approach as a good example In 2017, WWF Turkey support was provided by GTE and Prof. Dr. Goksel Demirer (METU) in Uşak, Denizli and Aydin provinces in order to develop the Water Conservation mechanism in the basin, which encourages the private sector to be aware of the water risks they face, to develop measures to eliminate them, and to encourage collective action to protect water resources. Various studies have been carried out to support the transition to the ‘cleaner production’ process in the textile and leather industry.In this context, clean production technology opportunities were investigated for high priority textile companies in the region to reduce sectoral risks in the Buyuk Menderes Basin.