Climate Change Resilience of Turkish Electricity Sector: Risk Assessment and Investment Need Analysis


Tractabel Engie, GTE Carbon and Acclimatize partnership won the tender for “Climate Change Resilience of Turkish Electricity Production Sector: Risk Assessment and Investment Needs Analysis” opened by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

In the project, which was started within the scope of the tender, how the Turkish electricity generation and transmission sectors will be affected by climate change will be investigated and the cost of possible reductions and/or interruptions in electricity generation and transmission will be revealed; Recommendations will be developed for the adaptation of the sector to climate change.

Within the scope of the project, the water density factors of the electricity generation sector in Turkey are also determined for power plants in different geographies, types and technologies, and it is aimed to predetermine economically and environmentally risky investments in the context of energy-water-climate. More effective adoption and dissemination of the outputs to be obtained thanks to the partnership of EÜAS (Elektrik Uretim AS) and private sector representatives are among the targets.

As GTE Carbon, we attach great importance to furthering our experience in the energy-climate-water intersection by evaluating the experiences of the “The Effect of Climate Change on Thermal Energy Production” project, which we carried out together with EUAS, for this new project.