Zero Carbon Point


With the EU Civil Society Dialogue CSD-V Grant, the “Zero Carbon Point” project was implemented in partnership with the Lifelong Learning Vocational Education and Development Association, Aegean Forest Foundation, RENAC energy & Climate GmbH. In the project, it is aimed to observe the activities that will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, to adapt the components in the renewable energy sector to daily life and to exhibit good practice examples in the efficient use of natural resources.

Within the scope of the project, GTE carried out the preparation of the Water Footprint Calculation Module and the Carbon Footprint Calculation Module to be used on the Aegean Forest Foundation website. It is aimed that the modules will be a module that uses data on a provincial basis for Turkey and allows for original calculations. All necessary items (direct and indirect water footprint calculations and blue, green and grey water footprint calculations for water footprint; air and road transportation tab for carbon footprint, electricity consumption tab, domestic heating tab that allows calculation for data of different fuel types) have been taken into account to calculate the personal footprint in the water and carbon footprint modules.