The Closing Meeting and Workshop of the CREATE Project was held.


The project “Cross-Border Climate Vulnerabilities and Remote Impacts of Food Systems of the EU, Turkey and Africa: Trade, Climate Risk and Adaptation (CREATE),” conducted as part of a consortium representing Turkey, Morocco, the Netherlands, and Egypt under the coordination of Ankara University, has been supported within the scope of the H2020 Food Systems and Climate (FOSC) ERA-NET Cofund 2019 call. The closing meeting and stakeholder workshop of the project were held on November 28, 2023, at Ankara University Rectorate.

The event conducted within the scope of the project was coordinated by the Institute of Water Management, Ankara University and led by Prof. Dr. Gökşen Çapar. The meeting addressed key topics such as the impact of climate change on agricultural products, assessment of climate risks in the supply and trade of food products, climate adaptation measures, and policy options.

During the first half of the meeting, significant findings were shared by the project’s leading experts. The second half included a stakeholder workshop where the effects of climate change on grape, hazelnut, apricot, and fig cultivation, as well as potential solutions, were discussed.

The closing event of the project served as a significant knowledge-sharing platform on climate change and food systems.