Environmental Footprint Project Eco-Labelling System for Business


Working with the Aegean Forest Foundation and the Lifelong Learning, Vocational Education and Development Association, London-based Carbon Trust is the project manager of the Environmental Footprint for the Business World project, in 5 pilot sectors (printing, packaging, construction chemicals) in the Aegean Region. An eco-labelling system has been established to reduce the carbon emissions of manufactured products (cement, glass, cement, and glass). As a result of the project, the environmental footprint of the products of the pilot companies was measured, documented and environmental footprint labels were created.

Within the scope of the project, the studies on the eco-label application were turned into a booklet and presented to the business world. Studies conducted in EU member states and examples of good practices on the creation and certification of environmental footprints and the preparation of product labels for products manufactured in Turkey, especially for export, are included.