Use of Metal Corrosion Waste in the Production of High Value Coagulants


Turkey Material Marketplace (TMM) R&D project supported by EBRD SAUERESSIG Prepress Preparation Systems San. Trade Inc. carried out together with the overall aim of the study was to investigate the regeneration feasibility of rotogravure cylinder production waste (e.g., FeCl3) to develop high performance coagulant that can be used commercially in various industries.

This R&D project will guide the applicable technological options for the purification/regeneration of ferric chloride (FeCl3) wastes, and it is anticipated that the results of the study will help direct the ferrous chloride waste to more useful and valuable industrial applications, rather than sending it to waste disposal sites. Within the scope of the project, technical, economic, legal, and environmental evaluations of potential waste exchange were made.

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