Managing the Impact of the EU Green Deal (ECC) on ASO Member Enterprises


Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) initiated the Managing the Impacts of the EU Green Deal on ASO Member Enterprises Project in order to ensure that its members are prepared for the opportunities, risks and regulations created by the EU European Green Deal.

EWA Corporate Consultancy and GTE are the project partners of the project and current situation and gap analyses have been carried out within the framework of field visits. The main purpose of the project is to identify the opportunities, impacts and risks created by the ECC on businesses, to ensure better management of these impacts and risks and to create a roadmap for the method to be followed. Within the scope of the project, a grouping consisting of 15 titles on sector basis was made by taking into account the 35 professional committees in the ASO organisational structure. Sectoral actions have been proposed for the relevant sectors in the determined groups.