EKO PRODUCTION- Climate Friendly Competitiveness Program


Increasing environmental sustainability needs all over the world, transition to a low carbon economy, increasing importance of issues such as resource efficiency, circular economy, energy efficiency, and global priorities within the scope of sustainability and climate change and the political, legal and commercial regulations brought by these will bring to the industry, especially export companies, a very important contribution. costs occur. Seeing this need, TTGV is developing the “ECO PRODUCTION – Climate Friendly Competitiveness Programme and contributing to the development of the industry with a focus on sustainable production and climate change; It aims to provide a comprehensive support approach that will create a value chain, from analysis and needs assessment to project design and access to finance, and to create solution-oriented value-creating collaborations by bringing different stakeholders together as an integrator/coordinator platform.

In the project, where GTE is involved as a project consultant, with the project design and feasibility support to the companies selected as a result of the negotiations with the Medium and Large Scale Enterprises in Ankara, Izmir and Manisa, both for the existing resources of TTGV for this purpose and for the sustainable production to be offered by the public and private sectors. It is aimed to provide easier access to appropriate financial resources.