Eco-Industrial Park Transformation in Izmir: Green IAOZB Project


The “Eco-Industrial Park Transformation in Izmir: Green IAOZB Project”, which is being carried out by the Izmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone (IAOZB) management with the feasibility support received from Izmir Development Agency (İZKA) and supervised by GTE, was completed in December 2019.

In the project, it was aimed to determine the technical application possibilities suitable for IAOZB and to reveal a sustainable management model in accordance with the purpose of transforming IAOZB into an Eco-Industrial Park (EEP). Within the scope of the study, field visits were made to 57 companies as a result of the preliminary interviews conducted over the phone with 170 companies operating in the food, textile, chemical, plastic, metal and motor vehicle sectors, which stood out in the IAOZB, and questions were administered within the scope of the survey.

With the activities carried out within the scope of the project, environmental, economic, social, and sustainable management model issues were discussed. Considering the environmental gains that can be achieved in the case of the realization of the projects with the feasibility; Annual savings of approximately 3 million m3 of water and 795 MWh of energy are anticipated. It has been determined that the economic gains that can be obtained are amortized in approximately 4.8 years, with the cost of the required investments being approximately 4.8 million USD.