Climate Change Resistant Thermal Energy Production


Within the framework of the “Climate Change-Resistant Thermal Energy Generation” project carried out by EÜAŞ with the support of the British Embassy Welfare Fund and supervised by GTE, studies were carried out on the impact of climate change on electricity production in thermal power plants.

Increasing air and water temperature as a result of climate change and decreases and increases in the amount of water reduce the efficiency of thermal power plants and cause interruptions in their activities. In addition to the economic losses and the problems in security of supply, decreased power plant efficiency causes more fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. For this reason, studies to determine the effects of climate change on energy production and to reduce these effects gain great importance. Within the scope of this project, a report has been prepared in which the relationship between water and energy is examined in detail at the level of power plants belonging to EÜAŞ, which is expected to have a guiding effect in the electricity generation sector.