Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Roadmap for the Fertilizer Sector will be determined.

The opening meeting of the project “Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Roadmap for the Turkish Fertilizer Sector,” in which the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology participates as the beneficiary, and GTE and ESCON Energy Inc. participate as technical consultants, financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), was held with the participation of public institutions and private sector representatives.

The members of the Steering Committee, consisting of leading fertilizer manufacturing companies in Turkey, relevant public institutions, and national and international non-governmental organizations participated in the hybrid event. The International Fertilizer Association (IFA) also took part in the event. Within the scope of the project, a roadmap for the Turkish fertilizer sector will be determined in terms of the sustainable development and decarbonization goals of Turkey in order to adapt to the European Green Deal.

The project report “Creating a Roadmap for the Development of the Wind Turbine Recycling Sector in Izmir” is published

We have completed the project “Creating a Roadmap for the Development of the Wind Turbine Recycling Sector in Izmir Province”, which we provided technical consultancy as GTE, carried out by Izmir Development Agency.

Within the scope of the project, we evaluated the cyclical management possibilities of wind turbine components, which have started to attract attention in the world in recent years. We hope that the project outputs will be beneficial for all stakeholders in terms of #sustainability in the rapidly developing wind industry in Izmir and Turkey.

You can access the “Izmir Wind Turbine Blade Recycling Roadmap” report via the link below.


Continued Clean Production Work!

We have completed our first round of field studies within the scope of the “Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency Platform Project (DEKVEP)” carried out in cooperation with SKD Turkey (BCSD Turkey) and Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) and supported by the Istanbul Development Agency within the framework of the Innovative Istanbul Financial Support Program.

We will focus on the dimensions of the opportunities we will reveal with the clean production studies we will carry out in 21 companies selected from the plastics, textile and white goods sectors, which will increase the competitiveness of the relevant sectors and strengthen the hand of the companies in the fight against climate change.

ASO Member Enterprises Prepare for Green Deal

We have completed the trainings and field studies within the scope of the “Management of the Effects of the EU Green Deal on Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) Member Enterprises” Project, which we carried out in cooperation with EWA Corporate Consulting in Ankara Chamber of Industry member enterprises.

Now, we are creating a roadmap on a sectoral basis in order to identify and manage the risks that may arise in line with the targets planned to be achieved until 2030 and 2050 within the scope of the EU Green Deal.

May Diageo is Putting Back the Water!

As part of Mey Diageo’s “Global Water Stewardship Strategy” we have successfully implemented our first ever Water Replenishment project in Alaşehir, Manisa Region.

Together with EWA Kurumsal Danışmanlık we partnered with local municipalities and a local irrigation cooperative for the installation of a new, more efficient drip irrigation system – improving infrastructure and conserving water.

We expect this system to use around 50% less water than the previous flood-based system. And the technique has already enabled us to save over 15,100 cubic meters of water during 2022.